Fetch Box #3
Fetch Box #3

Fetch Box #3

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This Fetch Box includes: 3 Geo Balls

Choose either the Small Geo Ball Bundle or the Large Geo Ball Bundle

  • Dual colored these balls are molded rubber with a geometric design. This unique attribute leads to surprise bounces and gives the retriever an enhanced oral sensory experience. Incorporated in the design of the ball is an air valve that squeaks when pressed. The shape and size makes the ball extra bouncy.  These Geo balls are made with bouncy durable Nylon that are made to last! The unique textured geometric design makes them easy to grip when playing games of fetch and feel nice along their tongue. Each ball consists of a built in squeaker that will excite your dog and provide them with hours of fun entertainment! The extra bouncy material makes it perfect for playing a game of fetch with your dog for a great bonding experience!
  • Sizing: Small Bundle: 9.4” balls ; Large Bundle: 11.4” Balls
  • High-quality, sustainable material 100% Recyclable.
  • Chew Meter: 2
  • V-Score: 1 Fetching (Small Balls) / 2 Fetching (Large Balls)
  • Eco-Scale: 3
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Pieces: 3
  • Small Bundle is great for small sized dogs; Large Bundle is great for medium to large sized dogs!

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