925 Sterling Silver 'Birds' symbolic of Life

925 Sterling Silver 'Birds' symbolic of Life

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This 925 sterling silver wrap around 'Birds' ring symbolic of Life. You have to be Happy, Free and not afraid to fall, for which you need to trust yourself and the branch you are sitting on, yet have the faith to find your wings when you want to fly. Be like Birds who give each other space to breathe when they are sitting and soar to the sky alone. I like to think of it as a spiritual lesson from Life, Be untouched in a crowd and Be wholesome in Solitude.

It makes a great gift as it is easily adjustable by simply bending it to fit your size

Weight in Grams: 17.8 gms

Solid high quality Sterling silver with Rhodium finish

These Rings are part of our 925 meaningful Jewelry collection for Everyday wear made in sterling silver. These meticulously handcrafted Rings are a great gift made with handpicked gemstones, so that they can be cherished for a long time

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